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Takeo’s New Environmental Solutions

Here at Takeo we have our finger on the pulse of environmental issues and are committed to collecting the latest information and knowledge in this area.
With the ever-increasing focus on environmental issues, Takeo is consistently working towards reducing our environmental load through use of an everyday commodity such as paper.

Environmental Policy

Environmental philosophy

Here at Takeo Co., Ltd. and our group companies, we recognize that preserving the global environment is one of the most pressing concerns facing the planet today, and we aim to minimize the impact and burden on the global environment caused by our operations, products and services as we look towards creating a sustainable society.

Basic Policy

Both Takeo and its group companies are committed to understanding and protecting our natural environment, contributing to culture, and working towards developing a better 21st Century. Through our proactive development of Green Aid (GA) environmentally.
friendly paper products, we continue to provide a range of products that minimize our environmental footprint. We will maintain a safe and comfortable workplace and encourage each and every Takeo Employee to be constantly aware of the impact their actions have on the environment.
*GA (Green Aid) products refers to Takeo products manufactured from non-wood materials, recycled paper, chlorine-free bleached pulp paper and other methods that serve to preserve our natural environment.

Activity Guidelines
  1. Reducing environmental load and promoting pollution prevention
    1. Thorough implementation of energy saving and resource saving measures
    2. Reduction of waste products and increased recycling
    3. Taking preventative measures to avoid potential environmental contamination
    4. Participation in forestry operations to protect timber resources
  2. Setting, revising, and continuous improvement of targets and goals
    Establish environmental targets and goals based on this policy, and revise and continuously update these targets and goals.
  3. Compliance with laws and regulations
    Ensure Company-wide compliance with applicable environment-related laws and regulations and agreements concluded by the Company.
  4. Promote awareness among company employees or individuals working for the organization
    Our environmental policy will be publicized through the circulation of printed material, internal company notices and other appropriate methods.
  5. External announcements
    The environmental policy will be included on the Takeo website and publicly displayed at exhibitions and through the circulation of printed material.
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Afforestation Activities

Since fiscal 2006, Takeo has been conducting tropical rainforest development activities in Myanmar through the Japan International Forestry Promotion & Cooperation Center (JIFPRO). These activities are centered on the area of Bagan/Nyaung U, Mandalay, situated in Myanmar’s central semi-arid region. With the help of local assistance, we have cultivated water resources in this desolate land and created a 50-hectare forest over a three-year period (April 2005 to March 2008) using a variety of trees that can be used by local citizens.

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