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Letterpress printing is a method of relief printing where raised portions of a printing plate are inked,
transferring the ink directly onto the paper. Individual metal type elements were originally combined into plates,
but today, plastic and metal plates are often used. This method is characterized by the strong impressions produced by dense ink.

CASE 01: CONQUEROR WOVE - Kazui Press stationery 2005


Quality stationery paper with high cotton content is printed by a letterpress technique
using metal type to produce a refined set of stationery.
Letter positioning and spacing can be finely adjusted for beautiful composition.

Paper:  Letterhead (first sheet, second sheet), compliments sheet |
         CONQUEROR WOVE oyster 450 x 640mm L/G 100gsm
  Envelope |
         CONQUEROR WOVE oyster 1091 x 788mm S/G 120gsm
Process: letterpress
Typesetting: Kazui Press
1. Plate inked and pressed onto paper
2. Ink transferred to paper