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BIOTOPE GA-FS - Opaque Ink

Opaque Ink

Opaque ink is a special ink for offset printing, characterized by its opacity.
White is the most popular color. A wide range of printing effects can be achieved by balancing the ink with the color of the stock and overlapping print areas.

CASE 01: BIOTOPE GA-FS - Invitations for apparel events 2003


The non-transparent feel of the opaque ink harmonizes well with the texture of BIOTOPE GA-FS.
The white opaque ink sections used for text let through a little of the intense color of BIOTOPE GA-FS, creating delicate nuances.                    
Paper:  BIOTOPE GA-FS reddish brown, moss green 1091 x 788 mm S/G 70gsm (invitation)
  BIOTOPE GA-FS natural white 1091 x 788 mm S/G 52gsm (letter)
  BIOTOPE GA-FS reddish brown 1091 x 788 mm S/G 70gsm (envelope)
   *Brand name when produced: BIOTOPE GA
Process: offset 1c (opaque) 
Design: Masayoshi Kodaira
Client: MAGNUM inc.