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    TS-8, TS-9, TS-10

These are new additions to the TANT SELECT series based on TANT.
The series is characterized by a special embossing technology that imparts
a unique see-through look and leverage this feature to broaden the expressive horizons of paper
as a material.
They are available in 16 standard colors.

| Specification |
16 colors, 2 weights, 22 products
1091 × 788 mm S/G 116gsm
16 colors (N-7, N-8, N-9, Y-6, R-5, N-1, S-3, N-13, P-50, P-58, P-67, N-52, N-53, N-57, H-70, H-64)

1091 × 788 mm S/G 151gsm
6 colors (N-7, N-8, N-9, Y-6, R-5, N-1)

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