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The Rough Gloss series designed for both bulk and printability.

With a distinctive tactile impression and satisfying bulkiness
due to its high air content, combined with accurate reproduction,
AIRUS is particularly suited for printing photograph collections and exhibition catalogs.
This new addition of 1091 x 788 mm L/G papers broadens the AIRUS range.

 |Added Specifications |
1091×788mm L/G 93, 116, 140gsm 2 colors (white,super white)
| Specifications now available |
1091×788mm L/G & S/G  93, 116, 140gsm 2 colors (white,super white)
636×939mm L/G & S/G    93, 116, 140gsm 2 colors (white,super white)

Please contact us for further details.

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