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    GA BAGASSE sugar

A fine paper containing bagasse pulp made from the by-product of sugarcane processing.
Three thicknesses have been added to GA Bagasse Sugar,
resulting in a broad line-up with 11 weights, ranging from 81 to 500 gsm.

| Added weights |
size weight(gsm) color
  361 419 500  
788×1091mm L/G sugar

| Specifications now available |
size weight(gsm)       color
   81 105 128 157 186 209 262 308 361 419 500  
788×1091mm L/G                   sugar, minori
788×1091mm L/G                   sugar, line
788×1091mm L/G         sugar
1091×788mm S/G               sugar, soft
1091×788mm S/G                   sugar
636×939mm L/G&S/G                 sugar, soft

Please contact us for further details.

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