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  • [New Product] LK COLOR N-FS

This is a new version of LK COLOR, a single-sided colored cast-coated paper.
The base paper is whiter, making the vibrant color on the surface stand out more.
 A new high brightness color "super white" has also been added.
* LK COLOR is being phased out and replaced with LK COLOR N-FS.
| New colors |
788 x 1091 mm L/G 209 gsm 256 gsm 1 color (super white)
| Products already replaced |
* As of May 20, 2016.
788 x 1091 mm L/G 209 gsm 256 gsm 2 colors (white, light blue)
| Products to be replaced |
788 x 1091 mm L/G 209 gsm 256 gsm 7 colors (cream, yellow, light green, black, blue, orange, red)

Please contact us for further details.

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