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  • [Additional colors & weight] POLKA and POLKA LAID

New colors and weights have been added to POLKA and POLKA LAID,
which are lightweight papers distinguished by chiri—colorful flecks of natural material.
The four new colors are the neon colors canary and flamingo and the noble colors aqua and lilac.
A thick 1091 x 788 mm S/G 233gsm weight has also been added in meringue, allowing
for a wider variety of applications, such as for book covers.

| Additional colors |
1091×788mm S/G 105 gsm 4 colors (canary, framingo, aqua, lilac)

| Additional Weights |
1091×788mm S/G 233 gsm 1 color (meringue)

| Specifications now available | 

 1091×788㎜ S/G  81gsm  2 colors  meringue, kinako
 1091×788㎜ S/G  105gsm  17 colors 
 meringue, tofu, soba, konnyaku, aqua,
 lilac, momo, salmon, banana, lime,
 soda, akebi, kinako, cacao, castela,
 canary, flamingo
 1091×788㎜ S/G  233gsm  1 color  meringue

Please contact us for further details.

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