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  • Feature in April 2018 issue of "BRAIN"

"Book Jacket: Senses" is a bi-monthly series made possible
through collaborations with creators using fine paper.
Each issue in this popular project includes a book jacket/cover
made with a different type of fine paper.

Isao Mitobe appears in the April 2018 issue.
The paper he uses is JAGARD GA from the T-EOS series.
The title of the work is "écriture." Once you put symbols on paper, you create an up and down,
and a front and back. Based on the idea that bookbinding is the imparting of meaning
through the writing of words, which are collections of symbols called characters,
Mitobe designed a book cover adorned simply with Japanese characters.
Note the contrast between the platinum white and the Japanese characters,
and how the embossing pattern is expressed in the foil stamping.

Book Jacket: Senses -- Vol. 44
Design: Isao Mitobe
Paper: JAGARD GA platinum white 1091 x 788 mm S/G 198 gsm
Printing process: Front: offset 1c + foil stamping* / Back: offset 1c + gloss varnish
* Using either matte black foil or transparent foil.

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