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  • TAKEO papers feature in "Design no Hikidashi 34"

Four TAKEO fine paper brands, including products that launched this year,
feature in the editors’ pick section (“Henshubu Chumoku PICK UP!”) of the current edition of Graphic-sha's magazine,
"Design no Hikidashi 34."


It includes a bound-in sample of the new gray color, silver wall, that was added to GA KRAFT BOARD-FS.
This edition also features “Kore Nara Tsukaeru! Ofusetto Insatsu de Tokushu Insatsu 100 Renpatsu”
(“100 Practical Special Printing Ideas for Offset Printing”), which includes bound-in samples of special printing techniques
using offset printing, such as samples using metallic ink with NT RASHA shikkoku, IORI platinum white,
and MILT GA SPIRIT snow white, samples printed using the CMY color model with IRO-JOSHITSU black,
and watermark printing using IRO-JOSHITSU aqua blue and japanese rose.

Click here for details (Graphic-sha Publishing Co., Ltd. website)

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