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  • Feature in October 2018 issue of "BRAIN"

"Book Jacket: Senses" is a bi-monthly series made possible
through collaborations with creators using fine paper.
Each issue in this popular project includes a book jacket/cover
made with a different type of fine paper.
Atsushi Ishiguro appears in the October 2018 issue.
The paper he uses is PERLA.
The title of the work is “Dot trip”.
The design is inspired by the travel in the mind that reading represents, and by actual travel to faraway places.
Scenery that exists only in the imagination overlaps with sparkling natural scenery seen during a real-world trip.
A slight contrast between the pearlescent gloss of PERLA paper and white foil hints at the vagueness of a notional trip
and the fading memories of actual destinations, producing a dream-like atmosphere.

The October 2018 issue of "BRAIN" is available in bookstores throughout Japan.
“Dot trip” book jackets are on sale for a limited period at BOOK BOX in the Architecture and Design section of Daikanyama Tsutaya Books.

Book Jacket: Senses -- Vol. 47
"Dot trip"
Design: Atsushi Ishiguro
Paper: PERLA white 1091 x 788 mm S/G 128 gsm
Printing process: UV offset 1c (white, double bump) + foil stamping (white, hologram)

Click here for details (Sendenkaigi website)

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