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TAKEO Co., Ltd. is launching two new businesses—Fine Flute and Fine Mold.
These businesses aim to commercialize the ideas in the new fine paper prototypes
that were created under the supervision of creators and exhibited at takeo paper show 2018 ”precision”.

Corrugated cardboard business—Fine Flute
Made using the wide variety of TAKEO fine papers, Fine Flute is
new packaging material that provides rich color and beauty
as well as the functionality of regular packaging material.
Ask for quotes for production of sheets and packaging.

Example: HARE Cardboard by DRILL DESIGN (2018) (Top photo)

Pulp mold business—Fine Mold
Fine Mold is a completely new kind of colorful pulp mold made
using carefully selected materials. Ask for quotes for production
of products, molded components, and sheets.

Example: mix by Shigeki Fujishiro (2018) (Bottom photo)

Our Fine Flute and Fine Mold businesses manufacture products to order.
To inquire regarding production, please follow the procedure outlined below.
1. Company name , name
2. Fine Flute or Fine Mold
3. Usage, quantity, question

Overseas Dicision

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