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  • Feature in July 2019 issue of "BRAIN"

"Book Jacket: Senses" is a bi-monthly series made possible
through collaborations with creators using fine paper.
Each issue in this popular project includes a book jacket/cover
made with a different type of fine paper.

Ikki Kobayashi appears in the July 2019 issue.
The paper he uses is ARAVEAL-FS, a high-quality uncoated printing paper.
The title of the work is “Romance”.
Taking the perspective that to read paperbacks is to fall in love with them,
Kobayashi uses red apple and black apple motifs to express love and romance.
The subtle, fluctuating outlines of his hand-painted illustrations are a good match
for the soft texture of ARAVEAL-FS. The book cover gives the impression of freshness
thanks to the contrast between the blocks of ink laid on with UV offset printing and the ultrawhite paper.

The July issue of Brain is now available at bookstores nationwide.

Book Jacket: Senses - Vol. 50
Design: Ikki Kobayashi
Paper: ARAVEAL-FS ultra white 1091 x 788mm S/G 151g/m2
* Starting April 2019, ARAVEAL is being switched to FSC-certified paper when current stocks run out.
Paper quality remains unchanged. Click here for details.
Printing process:  offset 2c  + embossing

Click here for details (Sendenkaigi website)

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