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  • TAKEO’s Smart Work Biz work reform initiative

TAKEO Co., Ltd. and its group companies take the changes and demands of society seriously.
We are working to create a corporate group in which both the company and employees can grow together.

As a specific means of attaining this goal, we have launched the new “Smart Work Biz” (work reform) initiative.
Recognizing a diverse range of values, the aim is to cultivate a new corporate climate in which
all employees can work together, enjoying a happy life and achieving a lively and healthy work environment.

We at TAKEO hope our customers will understand these aims and cooperate with us as we work to achieve them.

          Smart Work Biz Declaration
  1. Compliance
  2. Work life balance
  3. Added value through improved productivity
  4. Maximized employee abilities and a work-friendly environment
                        August, 2018


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