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ARAVEAL-FS was launched in 1989 as the product of efforts to develop an uncoated printing paper with a delicate texture and soft touch. This paper is highly suited to printing, and produces vivid colors without losing its soft texture, enabling natural, refined printing.
The ARAVEAL-FS range has five colored papers with subdued colors, three white papers: natural, white, and snow white, plus ultrawhite. It has gained a strong reputation as a high quality fine paper that can satisfy all sorts of requirements for printing.

ARAVEAL-FS snow white 1091 x 788 mm S/G 233gsm* (cover)
ARAVEAL-FS snow white, white, natural 939 x 636 mm S/G 128gsm*
ARAVEAL-FS ash gray, autumn leaves, slate blue, etc. 1091 x 788 mm S/G 128gsm* (text)
* Brand name when produced: ARAVEAL
offset 4c + embossing (cover)
offset (4c + opaque white) + embossing (text)

Art direction: Kenya Hara

ARAVEAL-FS natural 939 x 636 mm L/G 233gsm* (cover)
ARAVEAL-FS white 636×939 mm L/G 81gsm, 128gsm, 186gsm, 233gsm*,
ARAVEAL-FS natural 636×939 mm L/G 105gsm, 151gsm* (text)
* Brand name when produced: ARAVEAL
offset (4c + 3match colors)

Art direction & Design: Koichi Sato

size(mm) grain weight(gsm) color
    81 105 128 151 186 233          
1091×788 S/G                 4
1091×788 S/G             9
939×636 L/G&S/G         4
Environmental standards


  • ultra white
  • snow white
  • white
  • natural
  • ash gray
  • autumn leaves
  • prime rose
  • slate blue
  • sage green


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