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  • TAKEO papers feature in "Design no Hikidashi 32"

Takeo fine papers feature in "Design no Hikidashi 32" (the current edition of Graphic-sha's magazine).
In addition to a feature article on IORI and information on new paper products, this special edition on paper includes
information about numerous fine paper products recommended or rediscovered by the editors at Design no Hikidashi.
It includes bound-in samples of IORI, JEAN FELT, GINGHAM GA, KURO KIHOUSHI C, and other fine papers.
The issue also has an appendix of TAKEO pricing scales, which was last included in “Design no Hikidashi 9.”
The thickness of ROUGH GLOSS fine papers can be confirmed with the Paper Thickness Reference appendix.

This is a good opportunity to examine the capabilities of Takeo fine papers at first hand.

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