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  • [Brand Renewal] JEAN FELT

A fine paper with a blend of fine dyed fibers.
JEAN FELT conveys an impression of tradition and poise, possessing a texture
achieved through a horizontal laid pattern and a vertical felt pattern.
The brand offers a range of colors, from pale, low-saturation colors to rich, deep colors,
and now includes a high brightness white, together with five soft colors
--light yellow, light green, sky blue, grayish pink and apricot.

| New colors |
light green, apricot, light yellow, white, sky blue, grayish pink

| Limited to current stock |
regency cream, pink, russet, blue, persimmon, mist, cream yellow, walnut,
blue gray, cream, moss, ivory, brown, olive

| New specification |

 size  93 116 151 244  
1091 x 788mm S/G   white, silk
1091 x 788mm S/G       dark blue, light green, apricot, 
light yellow, vermilion, dark green,
silk, light brown, indigo blue, white, sky blue
grayish pink, white gray, wine

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