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  • Feature in June 2018 issue of "BRAIN"

"Book Jacket: Senses" is a bi-monthly series made possible
through collaborations with creators using fine paper.
Each issue in this popular project includes a book jacket/cover
made with a different type of fine paper.

Masaki Hanahara of Shiseido appears in the June 2018 issue.
The paper he uses is MERMAID.
The title of the work is "Mermaid Ripple." That was the name of this paper
when it was originally launched, inspired by the fact that the feltmark resembled gentle waves.
These book jackets are designed with the narrative theme of shells reaching the shore
thanks to ripples made by a mermaid. Note how the printing and
embossing make the shells stand out in a realistic way, as well as the beautiful, delicate foil stamping.

Book Jacket: Senses - Vol. 45
"Mermaid Ripple"
Design: Masaki Hanahara (Shiseido)
Paper: MERMAID blue green, sand, or lemon
Printing process: offset 5c + foil stamping* + embossing
* Rainbow foil stamping on blue green paper, whiskey brown on sand, green lake on lemon

Click here for details (Sendenkaigi website)


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