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Cultural Initiatives
TAKEO Poster Collection

Contributing to culture through paper is one of TAKEO’s basic policies.
The company has cultivated and maintained close links with the graphic design world for over half a century, exploring from the perspective of paper, design, and technology how visual communication can be enhanced in the context of our society.

The TAKEO Prize, established as one of the projects to mark TAKEO’s centennial, is intended to encourage and honor those working to develop and provide deeper insight into the development of the visual communication field.
The TAKEO Poster Collection, also established as a centennial project, is currently proceeding as joint research in conjunction with the Tama Art University Department of Graphic Design.
Additionally, TAKEO is actively involved in publications that concern Japan’s paper culture or record the history of design.
As the role of design becomes increasingly important, TAKEO will continue contributing to society through these cultural initiatives.

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