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The molding process consists of submerging the mold in a tank of water based pulp solution, then using vacuum suction to form the product from the pulp fibers.
By changing the mold, any shape can be produced, so this process can be used for 3-dimensional objects with the texture of paper.



The prototypes for the mold are expanded polystyrene.
Mother and child chairs both use 100% recycled paper.
The rounded form suits the warm-hearted, unsophisticated feel of the molds.
These chairs can be used for children to play with, sticking fabric onto them, or drawing on them.
Process: molding
Design: Takashi Kanome
Client: Sputnik Pad (IDEE)
1. Dissolve the pulp.
2. Submerge the mold.
3. Eliminate water and form.

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