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Twenty-first century mankind faces many unresolved global environmental issues.
In order to solve major issues such as global warming, shortage of oil and other fossil fuels, and shortage of safe water, we need to switch from being a resource-dependent society to being a sustainable society, changing the way we live and the forms our industries take.
Paper has long been the mainstay of the history of human culture.
As a business specializing in paper, TAKEO attempts to make paper in a way that takes the global environment into account, and conducts inititatives in order to achieve a sustainable society.

Environmental Policy

[Environmental philosophy]

Here at TAKEO Co., Ltd. and our group companies, we recognize that preserving the global environment is one of the most pressing concerns facing the planet today, and we continually aim to minimize the impact and burden on the global environment caused by our operations, products and services, as we work towards creating a sustainable society.

[Basic policy]

  • Through our work with paper, TAKEO Co., Ltd. and its group companies are committed to understanding and protecting our natural environment, contributing to culture, and working towards a better 21st Century better.
  • Through our proactive development of TAKEO GA (GREEN AID) environmentally friendly paper products, we will provide products that minimize our environmental footprint.
  • We will maintain a safe and comfortable workplace and encourage each and every TAKEO employee to be constantly aware of the imact their actions have on the environment.

* TAKEO GA (GREEN AID) products are those TAKEO products manufactured from non-wood materials, recycled paper, chlorine-free bleached pulp paper, and other methods that serve to preserve our natural environment.

[Activity guidelines]

  1. 1. Reducing environmental impact and promoting pollution prevention
    • 1. Thorough implementation of energy saving and resource saving measures
    • 2. Reduction of waste products and increased recycling
    • 3. Taking preventive measures to avoid potential environmental contamination
    • 4. Participation in afforestation to protect forest resources
  2. 2. Setting, revising, and continuous improvement of targets and goals-Establish environmental targets and goals based on this policy, and continuously revise and update them
  3. 3. Compliance with laws and regulations-Ensure group-wide compliance with environmental laws and regulations, and with agreements concluded by the company.
  4. 4. Promote awareness among group employees and others working for the group-This environmental policy is to be publicized by appropriate methods, including distribution of printed copies and posting on internal noticeboards.
  5. 5. External announcements-This environmental policy is to be published on the TAKEO website, and disseminated through exhibitions and publications.
  • Established May 11th, 2000
  • Revised November 10th, 2005
  • Revised March 1st, 2007
  • Revised December 1st, 2021
  • Director of environmental management
  • TAKEO Co., Ltd.
  • President Shigeru Takeo

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