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[MIHONCHO HONTEN] Colorplan 'The Future of Paper'
Shortening of business hours (update 8th, April)
takeo paper show 2018


Held since 1965, the TAKEO PAPER SHOW is Japan’s only paper industry show.
It is a major exhibition that makes a significant contribution to paper culture.


TAKEO PAPER SHOW "SUBTLE" [Additional Venue: London]

November 13th, 2018 (Tue.) — December 24th, 2018 (Mon.)


Paper-related exhibitions at MIHONCHO HONTEN, plus other exhibitions and events that TAKEO participates in or sponsors.

Aoyama MIHONCHO exhibitions

These events feature exhibits by designers and creators and products in showcases.


[Aoyama MIHONCHO] Showcase "FINE FLUTE / fine mold"

August 24th, 2020 (Mon.) – September 17th (Thu.)

TAKEO MIHONCHO Ginza at Itoya exhibitions

These shows feature exhibits about paper in an event space.


[TAKEO MIHONCHO Ginza at Itoya] Event space "One hundred scenes with paper--One Scene Graphics by Ryosuke Otomo"

August 26th, 2020 (Wed.) - November 28th (Wed.)

Other exhibitions

TAKEO participates in, or provides sponsorship and cooperation for, various exhibitions and events.

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