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Privacy Policy

1. TAKEO data protection officer

Manager in charge of safeguarding the privacy of personal information at TAKEO Co., Ltd.

2. Purpose of use of personal information

TAKEO Co., Ltd. (hereafter, "TAKEO") uses basic information-your personal information, such as your name, address, phone number, data of birth, and email address, as well as information regarding your transactions with TAKEO-for identifying individual users, as well as for the following purposes.

  • (1) To provide shipment of TAKEO and TAKEO group company products, mailing of catalogs and direct marketing, related after-sales service, and information about new products and services.
  • (2) To manage credit, collection, and claims related to transactions with TAKEO and TAKEO group companies.
  • (3) To perform the acceptance of orders and shipping services entrusted to TAKEO.
  • (4) To reply to your inquiries.
  • (5) You will be notified of the purpose of use of your personal information on an individual basis in cases in which the use is for purposes other than (1) through (4) above.

3. Collection of personal information

TAKEO collects your personal information using fair and appropriate means in accordance with laws and regulations under the following circumstances.

  • (1) When you use TAKEO products, catalogs, and services.
  • (2) When you participate in a TAKEO survey, or when you enter a TAKEO a sales campaign.
  • (3) When TAKEO responds to your inquiries.
  • (4) When TAKEO receives applications from minors under the age of 20, in which case we may check with the individual's parents or guardian.
  • (5) In cases other than (1) through (4) above in which personal information is collected, you will be notified on an individual basis.

* We hope you will willingly provide your personal information. In cases in which you decide not to provide the information, you may not be able to make use of services such as the shipment of products, mailing of catalogs, and direct marketing.

4. Provision of personal information

We will not provide or disclose to third parties personal information that TAKEO and TAKEO group companies collect from you, except in cases in which any of the following applies.

  • (1) When doing so is a legal requirement.
  • (2) When your approval and agreement to do so has been received in advance.
  • (3) When providing and sharing it with TAKEO group companies to the extent necessary in order to achieve the purpose of use as explained to you.
  • (4) When it is judged to be necessary for the public good and/or your interests, such as in order to protect you or a third party from risk of death, injury or damage to assets.
  • (5) When the business is inherited and personal information is passed on due to a merger, spin-off, or transfer of operations of TAKEO and/or TAKEO group companies.

5. Outsourcing of personal information

TAKEO and TAKEO group companies may entrust personal information collected from you to subcontractors that have signed non-disclosure agreements regarding personal information.
Personal information will not be outsourced except in cases in which the handling of personal information is outsourced to the extent necessary in order to achieve the purpose of use as explained to you.

6. Disclosure, correction, and deletion of personal information

  • (1) TAKEO will disclose personal information concerning you that it possesses upon request from you or someone recognized by you as your representative.
  • (2) However, TAKEO cannot inform you of your personal information in cases in which any of the following applies.
    • - When it would violate the rights and/or interests of you or a third party.
    • - When it is feared that it could cause significant harm to the operations of TAKEO and/or TAKEO group companies.
    • - When it is feared that it could violate other laws and regulations, etc.
  • (3) If TAKEO receives a request from you for disclosure of personal information and errors in your personal information are found, the appropriate corrections and/or deletions will be made immediately.
  • (4) When TAKEO receives a request from you for disclosure of personal information, you may be billed separately for the costs incurred in informing you of your personal information.
  • (5) When making a request for disclosure of your personal information, a copy of your official identification proving your identity-such as a driver's license, health insurance card, passport, or certificate of residence-is required.
  • (6) There may be cases in which we cannot inform you of personal information due to are unavoidable circumstances.
  • (7) Cessation of use/disclosure of personal information

When you request for us to cease the use and disclosure of your own personal information, we will cease its use and disclosure to TAKEO group companies immediately upon confirmation that the person making the request is in fact you. The minimum personal information required for TAKEO's operations cannot be deleted.

7. Other

  • (1) Use of Cookies
  • For the purpose of operating the website, TAKEO may collect cookie information from you in the course of you using the website. Cookie information is data that identifies the computer you are using for the purpose of making the use of the TAKEO website more convenient in certain situations, such as when you revisit it (such as providing the ability to store information about credit cards, purchase history, and cost estimates). Please note that, although it is possible to change the settings of your browser in order to block cookies, doing so may prevent you from being able to make normal use of this website or the services thereon.
  • (2) Use of SSL
  • SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is a technology that uses encryption to transmit information in order to prevent it from being intercepted or altered.
    This website takes measures that make use of encrypted transmission via SSL on webpages transmitting personal information so that your personal information cannot be intercepted by outside parties.

8. Governing law and amendments

TAKEO manages and uses personal information in conformance with the laws of Japan. Amendments will be made to our Privacy Policy in accordance with revisions to laws and regulations.

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