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PACHICA - Hot Stamping

Hot Stamping

Hot stamping uses a heated die on paper.
On PACHICA, the result of hot stamping resembles translucent wax paper.

CASE 02: PACHICA - GALERIE VIE stationery set 2008


Inspired by honey still in the hive.
By using hot stamping to produce both the honeycomb pattern and the lettering,
the translucence reveals the yellow printing on the reverse, mimicking the gentle look of beeswax.

Paper: PACHICA 1091 x 788 mm S/G 151gsm
Process:  hot stamping (face)
  offset 1c + PP film (back)
Art direction & design: Naomi Hirabayashi

CASE 01: PACHICA - Jacket for Kenichiro Mogi's "The Brain and Imagination" 2004


This is the first use of PACHICA for the jacket of a book.
For strength, over print varnish was used on the front jacket, and gloss polypropylene film on the back.
Etched metal dies are heated and stamped onto the paper, producing text that reveals the orange of the cover, as PACHICA becomes transparent under hot stamping.

Paper: PACHICA 1091 x 788 mm S/G 151gsm
Process: hot stamping + offset 1c (match color)
Design: Takashi Kuroda (Shinchosha)
Publisher: Shinchosha

1. Heat the die and stamp the paper.
2. Heated parts of the PACHICA become transparent.

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