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Exhibitions | TAKEO PAPER SHOW 2002 - PLEASE


Start with a single sheet of paper

In addition to being the magic word, “please” has the meaning of giving joy or producing satisfaction.
The imagination needed to create a world that everyone finds joyful and satisfying begins by wondering how to use a single sheet of paper.
A symbol wall made by printers was installed on the atrium slope wall.
The creators participating in the PLEASE exhibition represented a new generation - 32 young creators from around the world.
* Business and venue names are those used at the time of the event.


April 18th, 2002 (Thu.)-20th (Sat.)


Spiral Garden & Hall 5-6-23 Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0062


TAKEO Co., Ltd.


Masayoshi Nakajo (art direction)
Shigeo Goto (curation)
Ichiro Tanida (digital design)
Tetsuji Ban (graphic design)

“Please, message”


Masayoshi Nakajo (art direction)
Ichiro Tanida (digital design)

Participating creators

Kyotaro Aoki (real painter), Naohiro Ukawa (media rapist),
Shinro Ohtake (artist), Rinko Kawauchi (photographer),
Seijo Kawaguchi (art director), Issay Kitagawa (graphic designer),
Tomoo Gokita (illustrator), Yoshihiro Kobayashi (art director),
Naoki Sato (art director), Katsuhiko Shibuya (art director),
Jonathan Barnbrook (graphic designer),
John Warwicker (art director), Kazuyo Sejima (architect),
Shin Sobue (graphic designer),
Tycoon Graphics (graphic designer),
Noriyuki Tanaka (artist, art director),
Tabaimo (artist), Junichi Tsunoda (art director),
Yayoi Deki (artist), Hideki Nakajima (art director),
Tetsuya Nakamura (artist), Daisuke Nakayama (artist),
Namaiki (graphic designer), Mika Ninagawa (photographer),
Nagi Noda (art director), Shuzou Hayashi (graphic designer),
Daizaburo Harada (CG designer), Takashi Homma (photograher),
Mike Mills (graphic designer), Gento Matsumoto (graphic designer),
Eiji Yamada (graphic designer), Shingo Wakagi (photographer)

“Please, communication”

For the “PLEASE” exhibition, 12 young creators with potential for a new age of design exhibited their proposals for products, and these were also on sale on Floor 1.

Participating creators

Yoko Inoue (art director), Elephant Design (product design), code (creative unit), Spoken Words Project (fashion designer), Kaori Sumi (handbag + accessory designer), Chie Tanaka (graphic designer), Double O (fashion designer), Shigeki Hattori (space designer), Shuzou Hayashi (graphic designer), Mountain Mountain (graphic designer), Manabu Mizuno (art director), Yasuhiro Mihara (shoe designer)

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