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Exhibitions | TAKEO PAPER SHOW 2023 PACKAGING—Function and Laughter

TAKEO PAPER SHOW 2023 PACKAGING—Function and Laughter

With “PACKAGING—Function and Laughter” as its theme, the forty-ninth TAKEO PAPER SHOW, took a fresh look at the act of packaging from two different perspectives, function and laughter. Paper is a classic material though it is undergoing significant change through advances in technology.
With a focus on the near future of paper, the Function section of the show presents comprehensively-thought-out proposals on a practical level for packaging, both containers and wrapping, by thirteen creative groups with diverse talents who understood the true value of paper. One role of packaging is its capacity to motivate users to reach for it instinctively.
Interpreting that as the ability to generate laughter, the Laughter section approached the appeal of packaging from the perspective of emotion, presenting one hundred packages selected by curator Makoto Umebara.
Taking a new look at paper as a sustainable material, the “Paper and Cycles” section reinterpreted paper as a recyclable material, starting with initiatives that preserve forests for the future such as planned logging and tree planting, and adopted an overarching perspective regarding the facts surrounding paper and the earth, including energy and carbon dioxide cycles that have forests as their starting point.
On the third floor, “FINE PAPERS” presented over thirty brands of fine paper, with a focus on new and redesigned products that have gone on sale since 2019, sorted into different categories based on factors like their use in packaging, environmental performance, and support for digital printing.

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October 13th – 22nd, 2023
11:00 – 19:30, with last admission at 19:00
(Closes at 16:00 on Oct. 22nd, with last admission at 15:30.)


2nd and 3rd floors of KANDA SQUARE HALL at 2-2-1 Kanda Nishiki-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo


Free (Advance reservation required)


TAKEO Co., Ltd.


Shigeru TAKEO

Planning and design

Kenya HARA + Hara Design Institute, Nippon Design Center

Sponsored by

Chuetsu Pulp & Paper Co., Ltd., Daio Paper Corporation, Daiwa Itagami Co., Ltd.,
DYNIC CORPORATION,Hokuetsu Corporation, LINTEC Corporation,
Mitsubishi Paper Mills Limited, Nippon Paper Industries Co., Ltd.,
Oji F-Tex Co., Ltd., Tokushu Tokai Paper Co., Ltd.
(alphabetical order)

Special Cooperation

Japan Paper Association

Function section
creators (alphabetical order):

Agata YAMAGUCHI; Aya CODAMA; CYQL PROJECT; Haruka MISAWA; Kenya HARA + Hara Design Institute, Nippon Design Center; Masaya ISHIKAWA + Hiroaki NAKAJI; Motosuke MANDAI; NEW; nomena; Rei MITSUI; TAKT PROJECT; Yuma KANO; Yuri HIMURO

Laughter section curator



Nacása & Partners

Talk sessions

October 16th, 2023
“From the forests of Sweden to the world,” Iggesund Paperboard Japan K.K., Koji HASHIMOTO
“Paper Engineering,” Masaya ISHIKAWA × Hiroaki NAKAJI × Shohei TAKEI (Head of the engineer group nomena) (Moderator: Mai TSUNOO)

October 17th, 2023
“Paper is a material that contributes to the environment,” Japan Paper Association, Tamio AKIYAMA
“Viewpoint for Focusing on Paper,” Yuma KANO × Yuri HIMURO × Agata YAMAGUCHI (Moderator: Mai TSUNOO)

October 18th, 2023
“Function and Materiality,” Aya CODAMA × NEW (Moderator: Mai TSUNOO)

October 19th, 2023
“Providing packaging aimed at achieving a sustainable society,” TOPPAN INC., Kotaro TAKADA, Yukiko MATSUZAWA
“Local Communities and Design,” Naohiro NIIYAMA × Kenya HARA (Moderator: Yuki HARADA)

October 20th, 2023
“Paper as Material,” Satoshi YOSHIIZUMI (Head of the design studio TAKT PROJECT) × Haruka MISAWA × Kenya HARA (Moderator: Yuki HARADA)

October 21st, 2023
“Architecture and Paper,” Rei MITSUI × Motosuke MANDAI (Moderator: Yuki HARADA)

October 22nd, 2023
“PACKAGING: Function and Laughter,” Kenya HARA × Makoto UMEBARA

Traveling exhibition

The exhibition is scheduled to travel to Sabae in Fukui Prefecture, Niseko in Hokkaido, and other locations.

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Dates: November 6 – 22, 2023


PACKAGING―Function and Laughter (book details)

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