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With the recent incorporation of KIKU RASHA(JP)BEL COULEURE(JP) and EXTRA BLACK(JP),
the NT RASHA brand has been reborn with 353 products in 120 colors.

A fine paper that has won a broad following in the 60-plus years that have passed
since it first appeared in 1949, more comprehensive range of products from thick to thin than ever before.

Some products will be subject to changes in color, quality and weight,
and some colors discontinued.
We hope that this will not inconvenience you in any way, and beg your understanding.

NT RASHA new specifications
Colors:120 colors (5 new: reddish brown, natural, koiaka, shikkoku, muku)
Weights: 1091 × 788 mm S/G 81, 116, 151, 198, 244gsm
939 × 639 mm S/G 81, 116, 198gsm
*new weights
Products:353 (107 new)
Availability: These products started to become available from July 1, 2014,
and the complete lineup will be available by March 2015.

Please contact us for further details.

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