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A high-quality printing paper containing non-wood bamboo pulp,
the fibrous content of which imparts bulk and a warm texture.
As the successor to KENAF 100 GA, this fine paper is available in the same specifications,
and offers the same texture and printing expression.
If you liked KENAF 100 GA, we are sure that you will like this new product.
* Some bundle sizes differ from KENAF 100 GA.

| Specification | Same as for KENAF 100 GA

weight  81 105 128 157 209 256
1091x788mm, S/G
636x939mm, L/G & S/G -

 | Thickness (μm) | Differs slightly from KNAF 100 GA

weight 81 105 128 157 209 256
TAKEADA GA 125 155 190 235 315 390
KENAF100GA 135 170 200 250 325 395

Please contact us for further details.

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