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SNOBLE-FS is a snow-white packaging paper that feels light to the touch.
It also has a smooth texture to ensure printability.
Available in seven thicknesses, the wide range of applicability is part of its attraction.

| Specification |
weight #180 #240 #280 #310 #350 #620 #700      
800x1100mm L/G 1 color    
640x940mm L/G     1 color    

* Eco-friendly FSC-certified paper
* # number represents paper weight in gsm. (Ex. #180: 180 gsm)
* #180, #240, #280, #310, and #350 are coated on one side (packed with coated side facing up).
  #620 and #700 are coated on both sides.

Please contact us for further details.

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