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    Event space “Paper & Technique
    —The world of katazome and handmade washi”

TAKEO MIHONCHO Ginza is a paper store launched by TAKEO
in collaboration with stationery specialist, ITO-YA Ltd.
Alongside TAKEO MIHONCHO Ginza on the 7th floor of Ginza Itoya is
an event space for exhibitions about paper.
Please visit the event space to learn more and share in our fascination with paper.

Event space “Paper & Technique—The world of katazome and handmade washi”
Dates: May 13th, 2016 (Fri.) - July 6th (Wed.)
10:00-20:00 Monday through Saturday
10:00-19:00 Sunday and holidays
For people in Japan, washi–Japanese paper—is a familiar material that adds a bit of color to their lives.
But most people don’t realize that various techniques are involved in its creation.
This exhibition features katazome (stencil dyeing) washi by kataezome (stencil picture dyeing) artist, Kimiko Shiga,
and the delicate, modern handmade works of Chiaki Morita, creator of handmade washi.
It also describes the processes by which these artists make washi.
Round paper fans (uchiwa) made using their techniques will also be on sale.
Enjoy the beautiful world of washi that is woven together through the skillful combination of paper and technique.
Chiaki Morita
Creator of handmade washi paper.
Graduates in design from the art and design department at Joshibi College of Art and Design.
Works for accessories design company. Studies at the Ogawa Washi Center in Saitama,
and goes to work there. Studies at an art academy in the Netherlands.
Currently creates her artwork at Atelier Senrowaki.
Kimiko Shiga
Kataezome artist. Born in Tokyo.
Graduates from Joshibi University of Art and Design with a degree
from the textiles, ceramics, and glass department.
Works at Serizawa Paper-Dyeing Research Institute
and studies under Living National Treasure, Keisuke Serizawa.
Currently designs greeting cards and other washi products.

Venue / Contact info:
2-7-15 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061, Japan   map
Tel: +81-3-3561-8311

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