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LASER PEACH is a PET film-based synthetic paper compatible with laser printers.
It has excellent water resistance and durability, and can be used for outdoor signs without the need for lamination.

LASER PEACH features
1. Water resistance
 The paper's PET film has a highly water resistant coating, providing protection against spills.
2. Durability
 Its highly durable layer of coating will not discolor or peel off when used outdoors for short periods of time.
3. Smooth travel
 Friction resistance of the small surface irregularities has been minimized, enhancing handling.
 And reduced static electricity means fewer handling issues.
4. Sharp image quality
 Toner transfer has been improved by controlling the surface resistance,
 allowing color pictures and fine print to be printed clearly.
5. Better toner fixing
 Adhesion of the toner has been improved by using a plastic that is more compatible with toner.
6. Refined, matte coating surface
 Small surface irregularities scatter reflected light, creating a matte surface.
 Reflection of lighting and sunlight is kept to a minimum, making it easy to write on.

Size  Thickness
 Printable  Production
laser printers

Characteristics / Uses

 WEFY-120  A4

both side


 Thinnest stock suited for signs. 
 Posters, POP signs, timetables,
 and other notices.

 WETY-145  A4
145 both side

 Nice and sturdy.
 Can be used for signs, wobblers,
 and price cards.

 SEFY-200  A4
200 one side  ○
 (one side) 

 Cost-effective single-sided stock. 
 Cards, tags, POP signs, plant/seed
 labels, etc.

 WETY-210  A4
210 both side

 High-performance thick stock
 compatible  with multiple models. 
 Cards, tags, POP signs, 
 plant/seed labels, etc.

 WEFY-270  A4
270 both side ×  Thickest, inexpensive stock.
 Cards, tags, POP signs, plant/seed
 labels, etc.

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