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  • UCLA "Twenty-three Posters 1981/2017" exhibition in Shanghai

Papers from the VENT NOUVEAU series were used for the 2017 posters in the Posters Project
that commemorates joint research by the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and Waseda University, Tokyo.
The project revisits the Japanese traditional performing arts theme of a series of
posters created in 1981 under the curation of design critic Masaru Katsumi.
The show in Shanghai exhibits twelve posters from 1981 and eleven new posters from 2017.

"Twenty-three Posters 1981/2017" exhibition
Time & Dates: November 24th, 2017 (Fri.) - November 28th (Tue.)
            15:00 -20:00 on Friday, 24th
              8:00 -20:00 on Saturday, 25th to Monday, 27th
              8:00 -12:00 on Tuesday,28th
Venue: Shanghai Normal University Art school   “Wuxing Hualang”
         1F Art school BLDG ,No,100 Guilin Rd,Shanghai,China  map 
Organizer:Takeo Paper Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. 
Cooperation: Toppan Printing Co., Ltd., Japan Graphic Designers Association (JAGDA),
Shanghai Normal University
Related events: Commemorative lecture by Katsumi Asaba
13:30 - 14:25 on November 27th, 2017 (Mon.) (At exhibition venue)

1981 poster series creators (no set order) 
Theme: UCLA Asian Performing Arts Summer Institute
[Overall program] Yusaku Kamekura (upper left)
[Nihon buyo] Ikko Tanaka, Makoto Nakamura, Tadanori Yokoo
[Kyogen] Shigeo Fukuda, Katsumi Asaba
[Noh] Kiyoshi Awazu, Takenobu Igarashi
[Hayashi] Mitsuo Katsui 
[Nagauta shamisen] Kazumasa Nagai, Keisuke Nagatomo
[Gagaku] Takahisa Kamijyo

2017 poster series creators (no set order) 
Theme: Yanai Initiative Japanese Performing Arts Program
[Overall program] Katsumi Asaba (bottom left)
[Kyogen] Kazumasa Nagai, Takenobu Igarashi, Taku Satoh
[Noh] Mitsuo Katsui, Masayoshi Nakajo, Kenya Hara, Kazunari Hattori 
[Odaiko] Keisuke Nagatomo
[Tsugaru jamisen] Kaoru Kasai
[Gagaku] Takahisa Kamijyo

Inquiries: Takeo Paper Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (External website in Chinese)

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