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    Event space “Accessorizing with paper—button badges”

TAKEO MIHONCHO Ginza is a paper store launched by TAKEO
in collaboration with stationery specialist, ITO-YA Ltd.
Alongside TAKEO MIHONCHO Ginza on the 7th floor of Ginza Itoya is
an event space for exhibitions about paper.
Please visit the event space to learn more and share in our fascination with paper.

Event space "Accessorizing with paper--button badges" 

Dates: September 6th (Thu.), 2018-November 6th (Wed.)
10:00-20:00 Monday through Saturday
10:00-19:00 Sunday and holidays

Paper button badges are button pins that keep the texture of the paper
on the surface instead of covering it with film. In addition to some 300 types of fine paper,
this exhibition presents three new series: gold and silver leaf paper, shifu paper textile,
and handmade washi and worldwide paper. The simple rounded form of a badge makes it
a delightful accessory, adding something special to your everyday fashion.
Each type of paper has its own characteristics derived from its raw materials,
manufacturing methods, and the papermaker’s ideas.
The diversity of characteristics is one of the reasons that paper is such an attractive material.

Paper materials/Collaborators:
Gold and silver leaf paper / Rekiseisha
Rekiseisha was founded in 1905. The superb materials and foil stamping techniques
that it has developed over the years, all performed manually by artisans,
have established its position as one of the world’s most respected gold
and silver leaf wallpaper makers. The role of metal leaf in Japanese culture
emerged from the country’s distinctive aesthetics. That background now inspires
new uses of the material in interior decoration and other products.

Shifu / Curetex
Fukui Prefecture is the home of Echizen washi paper. Soft paper thread is produced here
by proprietary manufacturing methods that involve cutting washi paper into paper tapes
and twisting it, then treating the paper to soften it and allowing it to dry.
The thread can then be used to produce 100% washi fabric,
combined with other fibers to produce original fabrics, or made into knitted products.
Handmade washi and worldwide paper / Kami no Ondo
“Kami no Ondo,” meaning “the warmth of paper,” was the name chosen for a facility
opened in 1993 to communicate the warm touch of paper to visitors.
The name was later adopted by the company, which was founded in 1866.
It now regularly handles 20,000 items, including handmade washi and paper
imported from around the world, and also organizes classes in traditional crafts
and exhibitions relating to paper.

Venue / Contact info:
2-7-15 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061, Japan   map
Tel: +81-3-3561-8311

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