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  • [New Product] KIHOUSHI GL-FS

KIHOUSHI GL-FS is a new product that is being added to
the KIHOUSHI series of packaging papers, which enable a warm,
gentle touch while fulfilling the fundamental roles of paper
in providing protection, transportation, and communication.
KIHOUSHI GL-FS, which is coated on both sides,
retains the traditional texture of paper while also being excellent
for printing vivid colors. The paper surface has a high level of whiteness
while being manufactured without fluorescent dyes.
It provides appropriate glossiness in the printed areas,
while toning down the luster of the unprinted areas.
Like KIHOUSHI U-FS and KIHOUSHI C-FS, two fine papers
that have enjoyed popularity since their launch in 2011,
KIHOUSHI GL-FS is an FSC-certified paper with a high softwood content
that provides strength, and special surface coatings
that enhance folding performance. It allows a broad range of
applications in addition to packaging,
such as for covers of softcover books and cards.

KIHOUSHI GL-FS ※March 18th, 2019 (Mon.)  launch
Specifications 245g/㎡ 290g/㎡ 355g/㎡  
1100×800mm,S/G 215.5kg 255kg 295kg 1 color(white)
640×940mm,L/G S/G 147.5kg 174.5kg 201.5kg 1 color(white)


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