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  • TAKEO papers feature in "Design no Hikidashi 37"

TAKEO products are included in the special feature “Using letterpress printing to make paper
objects feel substantial” in "Design no Hikidashi 37" (the current edition of Graphic-sha's magazine) on sale in June.
Supplement: “Sample book: Papers for taking advantage of letterpress printing”
Five TAKEO fine paper brands are included as bound-in inserts.
- WILD-FS, ROBERT, and NT RASHA incorporate cotton in the paper, giving clear impressions.
- FIRST VINTAGE, a popular paper for letterpress printing with colors and textures with a well-worn look and a wide range of weights.
- MERMAID AWASE, a thick stock produced by duplexing MERMAID paper. (Currently in test sales.)
Other Takeo fine papers included in the issue are TABLO and ARAVEAL-FS (used for bound-in samples of
letterpress printing) and GA KRAFT BOARD-FS (used for the cover of a letterpress notebook supplement).
The feature also covers examples of letterpress printing using COLORPLAN-FS and KURO KIHOUSHI papers.
This edition of the magazine is a wonderful opportunity to familiarize yourself with the look and feel of each of
the papers included.

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