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    500 Colored Pencils & 500 Colored Pencils

The gallery space at the Yodoyabashi MIHONCHO showroom regularly holds various events
that expand the potential of paper.

500 Colored Pencils & 500 Colored Pencils
Dates:July 20th, 2019 (Sat.) - July 31th, 2019 (Wed.)
Open hours: 11:00-20:00

This event is a collaboration between FELISSIMO and Yodoyabashi MIHONCHO.
For a limited time, Yodoyabashi MIHONCHO has a space where customers can check out for
themselves FELISSIMO’s popular mail order items 500 Colored Pencils TOKYO SEEDS and
500 Types of Paper for 500 Colored Pencils TAKEO Club (100 different types of paper selected
by specialist paper merchant TAKEO are delivered to club subscribers each month for 5 months).
During this period, a number of items normally only available by mail order can be purchased directly
at Yodoyabashi MIHONCHO. Take advantage of this opportunity to discover firsthand the paper
textures and experience how they feel when actually used, then pick the colored pencils and fine paper that suit you.
Button badge workshop (no reservation required)
Date and time: 13:00 -18:00 on July 27th (Sat.) and 28th (Sun.), 2019
Cost: 324 yen/badge
The workshop produces button badges from creations you make using 500 colored pencils and fine paper.
Choose the paper you prefer as well as the pencils you like from among 500 colored pencils and make your
very own badge. You are free to draw whatever pictures, patterns, or messages you like.
* The workshop staff handle the process of turning your drawings into button badges. Both adults and children are welcome.

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