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  • [Brand Renewal] MERMAID

MERMAID, a popular fine paper since its launch in 1956, is now being updated.

- Table of new specifications
1091x788mmS/G  81.4   104.7   127.9   157   178   203.6   244.3   279.1   407    (g)
color - - - - - (black ony) 55 colors
white   5 colors
939x636mmS/G     127.9  157  178    244.3        (g)
white - - - - -   5 colors

- A new lineup of colors created to harmonize with the feltmarked paper
The lineup consists of six color themes based on the visual
and tactile impression conveyed by MERMAID’s gentle,
wavelike feltmark—innocent, organic, japanesque, POP,
formal, and classic. All 60 colors are rich, contemporary,
and easy-to-use.

- Three weights available for the entire lineup of 60 colors
You can choose from three weights for 1091 x 788 mm S/G—128gsm,
178gsm, and 279gsm—for all 60 colors in the lineup.
This allows for a wide range of uses, including combining
different weights of the same color paper.
The new ream weight 279gsm is ideal for rigid boxes and cards.
White paper product options have become more versatile,
with nine weights for 1091 x 788 mm S/G—from 81gsm to
407gsm—as well as options for 939 x 636 mm S/G.

- Acid-free*
MERMAID comes in many colors that are acid-free,
offering excellent preservation because it does not use chemicals,
such as aluminum sulfate and alum, that are significant factors
contributing to paper degradation. Acid-free MERMAID paper is
ideally suited to long-term storage because it is made with
high-quality pulp and resists creasing well.
* Acid-free (TAKEO definition): Paper whose manufacturing procedure does
   not involve adding aluminum sulfate or alum.
Of the 60 MERMAID colors available,
49 are acid-free. The following colors
are not acid-free: iwai-beni, black,
coffee beans, chocolat, deep sea,
dark safari, NEO citron, NEO pink,
NEO flamingo, cordoba brown,
and royal violet.

Please also refer to our “Guide to Using MERMAID” PDF for details
about the full palette of 60 colors and six color themes, as well as
an explanation about colors that are being revised or discontinued.
We are confident that you will find the new MERMAID even better than
the one you have come to love.

* Thirty new and revised colors in the new ream weights 204gsm and
279gsm go on sale September 2, 2019. Other colors in these new ream
weights are being produced on an ongoing basis, with the aim of going
on sale within the year. Please contact your supplier for details about
when they will be in stock.

* White paper products—snow white, silk, white, and natural—have
different weights compared to previous versions.
weights 133.7g/㎡ → 127.9g/㎡ weights 186.1g/㎡ →178g/㎡
1091x788mm S/G
weights / 2 reams
115 kg → 110 kg weights / 2 reams 160 kg → 153 kg
939x636mm S/G
weights / 2 reams
80 kg → 76.5 kg weights / 2 reams 111 kg → 106.5 kg
* The color, ream weight, and dimensions of some products are
limited to current stocks. For details, please refer to pages 11 and 12
in our “Guide to Using MERMAID” PDF.

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