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The coffee event “COFFEE COLLECTION around KANDA NISHIKI-CHO 2019”
is being held in Kanda Nishiki-cho, Chiyoda-ku, where TAKEO is headquartered.

Dates:  October 31st, 2019 (Thu.) - November 3rd, 2019 (Sun.)
Main venue: Terrace Square (main entrance)
Official website: coffeecollection.tokyo
* Thursday and Friday stores/events are different from those on Saturday and Sunday.
See the official website for details.

The coffee cup sleeves at these events are made with
TAKEO’s new Fine Flute® corrugated packaging material.
The version used here has a gray liner (the paper on the surface of
corrugated cardboard), and for each shop, the shop logo is added with
black foil stamping. Stacking paper lids designed by product designer
Fumie Shibata are also being used at the events. The lids were
commercialized based on a work Shibata created for the Takeo Paper Show
in 2006. When you come to “COFFEE COLLECTION around KANDA
NISHIKI-CHO 2019,” please take note of these coffee cup lids and sleeves.

- Fine Flute
Fine Flute is corrugated cardboard that provides the functionality of regular
packaging material as well as rich color and beauty. The corrugated cardboard
consists of a three-layered structure, with a core of fluted paper sandwiched by
liner paper. Using TAKEO fine paper, which comes in a rich array of colors,
for the fluted paper and liners, Fine Flute provides color combinations that take
advantage of the fluted structure of corrugated cardboard while retaining its unique
functionality, bringing new potential to packaging material.
* All products are manufactured to order.


- Stacking paper lids
The impact of waste plastic on the environment is an issue throughout the world,
and the coffee industry, and fast food and convenience stores, are beginning to
switch from plastic straws to straws made from paper and other alternative materials.
However, no appropriate substitute had been found for the plastic cup lids that have
an even greater impact on the environment than straws.
To address this issue and take a first step towards resolving it, specialist paper
merchant TAKEO, major paper cup manufacturer Dixie Japan, and Glitch Coffee & Roasters
in the Jimbocho district of Tokyo, where it serves as a leader of the third wave coffee scene,
joined forces to create a solution based on Fumie Shibata’s 2006 work through a natural, organic process of consultation and discussion between manufacturing and service sectors.



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