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The popular TANT series has been updated with 50 new colors.

TANT new color:Illuminant  7 colors
          I-50 I-53 I-55 I-60 I-62 I-67 I-72
          Fresh  10 colors
          F-50 F-53 F-56 F-60 F-61 F-65 F-67 F-70 F-71 F-72
          Clear  10 colors
          C-50 C-54 C-60 C-62 C-65 C-68 C-71 C-73 C-6 C-8
          Mild  10 colors
          M-50 M-53 M-55 M-59 M-61 M-64 M-66 M-70 M-71 M-73
          Heavy  2 colors
          H-53 H-61
          eXtra dark  7 colors
          X-52 X-55 X-57 X-61 X-65 X-71 X-73
          Standard  4 colors
          S-10 S-11 S-12 S-13 

* The new colors above have been added to the 1091 x 788 mm S/G 81 gsm and 116 gsm weights. No changes have been made to the 1091 x 788 mm S/G 151 gsm and 209 gsm weights.
* TANT-e and TANT-V have been merged with TANT. Their quality, colors, and color names have not changed.

There is also a new TANT webpage including a color chart, showing all colors. 
- Top Brands: TANT
With these updates, TANT fine paper now has a total of 200 colors for the first time in its thirty-year history.

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