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News|TAKEO MIHONCHO Ginza at Itoya

TAKEO MIHONCHO Ginza is a paper store launched by TAKEO
in collaboration with stationery specialist, ITO-YA Ltd.
Alongside TAKEO MIHONCHO Ginza on the 7th floor of Ginza Itoya is
an event space for exhibitions about paper.
Please visit the event space to learn more and share in our fascination with paper.

Event space "SIKI—Stationery that changes like the seasons"
Dates: December 27th, 2019 (Fri.) - Febuary 26th, 2020 (Wed.)
10:00-20:00 Monday through Saturday
10:00-19:00 Sunday and holidays
※January 1st, 2020 (Wed.) close
10:00-18:30 Febuary 26th, 2019 (Wed.)
Please refer to ITO-YA Ltd. website for details.

SIKI (pronounced shiki) is stationery with every sheet a different color or texture,
motivated by a desire to enjoy the paper as you would enjoy the colorful seasons
throughout the year.
(The name comes from the Japanese words for “colors” and “the seasons”: shiki-sai
and shiki.)
The SIKI series now includes four new groups of colors: 
NEZUMI—grays, inspired by the color associated with the rat.
  2020 is the Year of the Rat under the traditional calendar.
BENI—reds, associated with celebration
NIWA—colors of Japanese gardens
TSUKIMI—colors in the image of the clear skies of autumn nights,
  associated with moon-viewing.
Take the time to appreciate the changing colors and textures as
  you examine each individual sheet.

Design : Yuki Sugiyama
Names and text : Kanako Ishioroshi
Planning : Suzuki Masako
Photos : Yukichi Kamei
Items on sale: SIKI  11 colors 
3 sizes per color
S: 800 yen + tax
M: 1,400 yen + tax
L: 1,850 yen + tax

Venue / Contact info:
2-7-15 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061, Japan   map
Tel: +81-3-3561-8311

◎SIKI 366DAYS https://www.instagram.com/siki_paper/
Check out the official Instagram site for SIKI. In line with the changing seasons, festivals, holidays, and other events, it features one color from the SIKI fine paper series each day.
SIKI 366days (@siki_paper) starts on January 1, 2020.

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