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  • TAKEO papers feature in "Design no Hikidashi 39"

TAKEO fine papers feature in "Design no Hikidashi 39"
(the current edition of Graphic-sha's magazine).

The feature article is an introduction (or re-introduction) to paper,
covering a wide range that includes new products and updated products launched
in September 2017 or later, shimmer papers, and papers worth taking a second look at.
A supplement includes the following bound-in samples,
providing a good opportunity to check out these TAKEO papers.
Supplement: Paper Sample Book
HAKURYU-FS 1091 X 788 mm S/G 46g/㎡
ARAVEAL-FS prime rose 1091 X 788 mm S/G 105g/㎡
The TAKEO pricing scale is included with this edition as a special supplement,
showing TAKEO’s fine paper price index for a range of papers (based on VENT NOUVEAU V-FS being 1.0).
* The pricing scale takes 1091 × 788 mm white paper of about 116 gsm as the benchmark.
Actual prices vary depending on color and number of sheets.
Please understand that the prices are only rough estimates.
* Price indexes for each brand can also be found on the TAKEO website using
the advanced paper search function (only available in Japanese).
The feature article includes information about Fine Flute and Fine Mold
in a section entitled “Kore mo Kami?” (“This is paper, too?”).
(Fine Flute and Fine Mold products are all manufactured to order.
See the dedicated website at: fineflutefinemold.com)
Another section in the feature article entitled “Kamizukai no Waza Ari Sakuhin Daishugo”
(“Grand collection of works masterfully made with paper”) includes COFFEE COLLECTION
trays and sleeves made using Fine Flute, and TAKEO greeting cards for international use made
using MERMAID paper. The feature also includes a wealth of other paper-related information.

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