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  • [New Product] OK AC CARD F

TAKEO has produced an FSC-certified version of OK AC CARD in a 1091 x 788 mm S/G size that is available in two colors,
OK AC CARD’s pure white and pure black. OK AC CARD F maintains the same paper quality as regular OK AC CARD,
and is suitable for use in combination with the OK AC CARD range of 788 x 1091 mm L/G papers in 25 colors.
OK AC CARD F              
1091 x 788 mm S/G       307   359.3   411.6g 2 colors
              (pure white and pure black)
OK AC CARD (Current product)              
788 x 1091 mm L/G 153.5   205.8  258.1  307 359.3 411.6g 25 colors
More information about OK AC CARD F can be found here. (Product launch July 3, 2020.)

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