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  • [New Product] VENT NOUVEAU LT-FS

VENT NOUVEAU is a fine paper that revolutionized offset printing by delivering both rich texture and good printability.
And now, VENT NOUVEAU is making a new contribution to the world of digital printing,
which is undergoing tremendous technological advances.
VENT NOUVEAU LT-FS is designed for HP Indigo digital printing. It possesses the properties required for digital printing
while providing VENT NOUVEAU’s characteristic rough feel and a glossiness approaching offset printing.

1091 x 788 mm S/G  122.1 151.2 174.5 226.8g 1 color
642 942 mm L/G&S/G 122.1 151.2 174.5 226.8g 1 color
* LT stands for “liquid toner.”
* The paper is expected to receive HP Indigo certification in 2020.
* It can also be used for standard offset printing.

For more about VENT NOUVEAU LT-FS (PDF)
More information about VENT NOUVEAU LT-FS can be found here.

VENT NOUVEAU LT-FS is the first product in the VENT NOUVEAU Digital series of papers designed to
get the most out of digital printing. TAKEO plans to expand the series with a lineup of new products.
VENT NOUVEAU Digital provides support for the growing future of digital printing.

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