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  • Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum

will be held at the Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum.
130 items from the TAKEO POSTER COLLECTION will be exhibited.

TAKEO Poster Collection began in 1997, when, as part of its centennial project,
TAKEO acquired 3,276 items from the Reinhold-Brown Gallery New York Poster Collection,
a broad-ranging collection of largely 20th century posters with a focus on Europe,
but also including American, Russian, and Japanese posters.
The TAKEO Poster Collection is entrusted to Tama Art University,
where TAKEO conducts joint research with the university’s Department of Graphic Design.
Since 1998, research projects have examined the collection from a variety of perspectives.


Dates: January 30th, 2021 (Sat.) – April 11th, 2021 (Sun)
  Closed on February 10th&24th, March 10th&24th, April 5th, 2021
Venue: Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum 5-21-9, Shirokanedai, Minato-ku, Tokyo  map
  Tel 050-5541-8600
Admission: 1,100 yen (General) other
Organizer: Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture, Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum
  Nikkei Inc.
Planner &
Tama Art University
TAKEO Co., Ltd.

During the first two decades of the twentieth century, Constructivism revolutionized art and design.
To the field of visual design Constructivism brought a distinctive style in which icons and text were fused in geometric,
abstract forms. This style was employed by numerous artists and designers, including El Lissitzky, Jan Tschichold, Max Bill,
and Josef Müller-Brockmann, who through repeated experiments enormously expanded the potential of visual design,
laying the foundation for visual design today. This exhibition of works from the Takeo Poster Collection,
on deposit at Tama Art University, explores how Constructivist posters, which brilliantly illuminated their era,
gave birth to trends in use of icons and text that persisted throughout the twentieth century.
Visitors will not only enjoy the vivid creativity of these posters. They will also come to appreciate their contribution to
the historical process that shapes all posters even today.

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