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  • “SIKI” stationery featured in Nikkei Plus 1

Takeo’s SIKI stationery product line was featured in the January 16, 2021 edition of Nikkei Plus 1.
>>Ten Paper Products That Tempt You To Reach for Your Pen: Nikkei Style (external site)
SIKI was selected by stationery experts as one of “ten paper products that tempt you to reach for your pen.” 
The article (in Japanese) includes photos of SIKI paper.

When designer Sugiyama Yuki (Hakuhodo) was creating this original stationery product for Takeo,
she was motivated by a desire to have people enjoy this paper as one does the seasons,
with their ever-changing colors.
The individual sheets of varying colors and textures are bound together in a single volume.
As the seasons change, we hope that people will enjoy each fresh encounter with a new style of paper.
〇 11 color combinations
  S:800 yen+tax M:1,400 yen+tax L:1,850 yen+tax
  Design: Sugiyama Yuki / Text: Ishioroshi Kanako / Planning: Suzuki Masako / Photos: Kamei Yukichi
  It is sold at MIHONCHO HONTEN, TAKEO Yodoyabashi MIHONCHO, TAKEO MIHONCHO Ginza at Itoya, etc.

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