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  • "NPI Antiviral Paper" released

NPI Antiviral Paper is now officially on sale. This follows the period of presales starting in  September 2020 under the name of NPI Antiviral Woodfree Paper.

NPI Antiviral Paper is an uncoated printing paper with antiviral, antibacterial,
and deodorizing properties.
The raw material for NPI Antiviral Paper is denatured cellulose,
with surfaces functioning as a carrier for metal ions.
The paper’s suitability for printing processes is similar to regular printing paper,
and it can be used for printing a broad range of familiar items, including envelopes, pamphlets, and menu cards.

NPI Antiviral Paper
788X1091mm L/G 80g/m2  1 color
939X636mm S/G 80g/m2  1 color
- Not designed for use as a pharmaceutical, medical device, or for other medical purposes.
- No fluorescent dyes used.

Antiviral, antibacterial and deodorizing activity
Antiviral activity test: JIS L 1922
Unprinted paper  : 99.9% virus deactivated after 2 hours/Printed paper (print coverage 50%)
  : 99.9% virus deactivated after 2 hours
Antibacterial activity test: JIS L 1902 (absorption)
Unprinted paper: 99.9% reduction in microbial concentration after 18 hours
Deodorizing activity test: Detection tube method
Unprinted paper: 70% reduction in odor after 2 hours

- Data above is provided by an external testing organization. Similar results cannot be guaranteed.
- Antiviral properties cannot be guaranteed for all printing methods and processes.


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