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  • TAKEO papers feature in "Design no Hikidashi 43"

TAKEO products appear in the special feature “Rediscovering the joy of washi paper” in "Design no Hikidashi 43" (the June 2021 edition of Graphic-sha's magazine).

The “Washi Mihoncho” supplement includes the following bound-in samples.

TEMARI gold・silver 1091X788mm S/G 105g/m2                        
TAMASHIKI shiro 970X640mm S/G 38g/m2
HAKURYU-FS   1091X788mm S/G 105g/m2
YAMABIKO HOSHO   1091X788mm S/G 78g/m2
YAWARAGAMI MINGEISHI yellow 939X636mm S/G (deckle edge) 49g/m2
YAWARAGAMI HAE   939X636mm S/G (deckle edge) 35g/m2

The “Washi Mihoncho” supplement incorporates samples of 156 washi papers recommended by paper companies in the special feature.

The page presenting antibacterial washi papers includes a description of ZEO MIRAI functional sheets, which have the texture of washi paper and provide antibacterial, antiviral, and deodorizing properties.

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