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  • Feature in August 2021 issue of "BRAIN"

"Book Jacket: Senses" is a series made possible
through collaborations with creators using fine paper.
Each issue in this popular project includes a book jacket/cover
made with a different type of fine paper.

Hiroyasu Kimura appears in the August 2021 issue.
The paper he uses is TAKE GA-FS.

The title of the work is “Tree Rings”
This book cover uses the carbon emissions and energy usage* of the paper and pulp industries in Japan as parameters to produce a visualization of emissions and energy usage as growth rings. The growth rings of a tree are created using embossing, with the thickness of the ring representing energy usage, and the number of folds in the line representing carbon emissions. This visualization covers ten years of data, working from the center outwards, showing that the growth represents progress in the right direction, with energy usage and carbon emissions decreasing year by year.
With sustainability being the focus of attention today, this book cover suggests the potential for a new standard for choosing paper that takes into consideration the paper manufacturing process, in addition to factors such as texture, color, and price.

Book Jacket: Senses - Vol. 58
“Tree Rings”
Design: Hiroyasu Kimura (Flowplateaux Co., Ltd.)
Visual programming:  Hirofumi Tsukamoto (Flowplateaux Co., Ltd.)
Paper: TAKE GA -FS  1091 x 788mm S/G   157g/m2                    
Printing process: UV offset 1c + embossing
* Source: KEIDANREN's Commitment to a Low Carbon Society Fiscal 2020 Follow-up Results

The August issue of Brain is now available at bookstores nationwide.

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