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  • TAKEO-related products win two awards at Japan Packaging Contest 2021

Two TAKEO-related products have won awards at Japan Packaging Contest 2021 organized by the Japan Packaging Institute.

Japan Packaging Contest 2021
Each year, the Japan Packaging Contest assesses Japan’s packaging products and packaging technologies in areas from design to logistics, giving awards to the stars and other outstanding products and technologies.
Organizer: Japan Packaging Institute (external website)

- FLUTE BOX won the Daily Necessities and General Merchandise Packaging Award
  FLUTE BOX, a portfolio case made of corrugated cardboard with colorful flutes
  Design: Yui Takada (Allright Graphics)
  Printing process: Kyoshin Printing Co., Ltd.
  Paper: FINE FLUTE (E Flute: Medium gray/blue/blue)
  >>Click here for more about FLUTE BOX (on the “Ano Kami, Kono Kami ” section of the takeopaper.com web store)

- Stacking paper lids won the Beverage Packaging Award
  Stacking paper lids
  Design: Fumie Shibata
  Manufacturing: Dixie Japan Ltd.
  >>Click here for more about the stacking paper lid: a brilliant idea from the Takeo Paper Show

Stacking paper lids also won the 45th Kinoshita Prize for packaging technology (external website in Japanese), which is also organized by Japan Packaging Institute.

Going forward, TAKEO will continue to promote the advancement of paper materials and products that can be used in sustainable product development, including going plastic free.

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