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  • [New Product] "FINE FLUTE®" stock colors

Fine Flute is material that provides the functionality of regular packaging material in combination with rich colors.
Taking advantage of the visible fluted structure of corrugated cardboard to combine different colors in the three layers brings new potential to packaging material.
In addition to Fine Flute options manufactured to order in 50 diverse colors,
we are launching sales of Fine Flute in stock colors that can be shipped immediately.
The stock color range initially has nine color combinations, and uses E flute cardboard. Small-lot orders,
even single-sheet orders, are welcome.

FINE FLUTE   in stock colors   1070×780mm E flute* 9 colors
* E flute cardboard is approximately 1.5 mm thick (Size is approximate, not guaranteed.)

|Color line-up|
1.    snow white × vermilion
2.    medium gray × blue
3.    dark gray × rose
4.    royal blue × yellowgreen
5.    GOKU brown × sky
6.    GOKU green × berry pink
7.    ivory × ivory
8.    camel × camel
9.    light gray 02* × light gray 02   * TASSEL GA embossed paper is used for the outer liner only.


- It may be found some warpage and waviness due to the characteristics of corrugated cardboard.
- Please note that the flute is crushed easily after being punched.
- It is available to be processed by flexographic printing, silk screen printing, foil stamping, and hot stamping.

Overseas Division in TAKEO Co., Ltd.(Tel  81 03-3292-3625)
FINE FLUTE special site fineflutefinemold.com
Please contact us by phone or form.

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